Adriana Chechik – Life and Porn Career

Adriana Chechik was born on November the 4th, 1991. She was born in Downington, Pennsylvania but she moved around a lot because she grew up in foster care. She was told that she is of Russian, Serbian and a little bit of English ancestry, but she says that there is no way to verify this so she can’t be absolutely sure. Adriana was a biochemistry student at Drexel University and she admits that she was always kinda nerdy. As a matter of fact, she lost her virginity pretty late by porn standards – when she was 18. She lost it to a son of a guy she was living with at the time (in foster care system).

Stripping led to porn industry

Following her friend’s footsteps, she started working as a stripper. One thing led to another, and this guy offered her to film a scene. She decided to give it a go, while her stripper friend continued stripping. Her stage last name is actually the last name of a guy called David Chechik, who directed some horror movies. It kinda grew to her and she thought it would be nice because it was different and unusual. She is being honest by saying that she took Adriana for her first name because A comes first in talent lists.

Adriana Chechik A “”Nerdy”” Pornstar

Adriana entered porn in 2013, and since then she has already won about a dozen o porn awards and over 50 nominations! Her specialty is double anal, and even triple anal. She says it didn’t hurt at all. She was relaxed and had “…the best 10 minute experience that you could have with male talent in that scene…”. She was featured in 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, and the same year she was also Howard Stern’s guest on his show.

Adriana Chechik was born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. In addition to possessing peerless beauty and top notch talent, she’s also got brains to boot. She received her GED and went on to study biochemistry at Drexel University. Before making it big in pornography, Chechik danced at Scarlett’s Cabaret, a Hallandale Beach, Florida strip club. In 2013, she made her debut in porn and has appeared in nearly 300 films since, featuring in everything from lesbian only to triple anal scenes, proving that this girl loves to have some junk in her trunk. She performed her first gangbang flick in 2013, in Digital Sin’s This is My First… A Gangbang Movie.

The recipient of twenty awards for her body of work, including a 2015 AVN Award for Best Anal Scene, a 2017 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year, and a 2016 XRCO Award for Superslut of the Year, Adriana’s short career has been marked by success and a particular knack for getting her viewers off. In addition to her porno work, in 2014 she appeared on The Howard Stern Show and that same year was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine’s racy “Sexy/Skanky” page.

Hot pornstar

We will say it without much detours: Adriana Chechik is the closest thing to a human tunnel that has been seen lately in American porn. It is known that the most challenging anal acrobatics are common in Europe, but on the other side of the Atlantic Adriana is one of the greatest exponents. Perhaps the key is in its roots: despite your skin tone tanned by his veins runs Serbian, Russian and English blood, or so they told him at the orphanage where she grew up.

After a childhood that should not have been easy, Adriana graduated in biochemistry and began to become friends with a stripper. She always accompanied her to work and apparently the atmosphere was so good that they often spend their leisure time having fun there. The owner of the place proposed to try his luck on the stage, and must have done very well because it took a short time to appear a pseudo-amateur producer who would end up introducing her into the porn industry.

Premium Sex

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little attention, especially if you’re a hot chick who wants to be appreciated for your qualities. Adriana Chechik, however, wants tons of attention, and she’s ready to spread all of her best assets wide open for some hardcore appreciating. This girl may have started in the business slowly with some nice sweet lesbian scenes, but today, she absolutely commands many multiple dick pokings, sometimes even simultaneously. Adriana is a tried, tested and true gangbang slut junky. She can twist her tight body in so many different positions to accommodate cock entry from angles you didn’t even know existed.

Adriana’s got such a taste-bud craving for salty jizz that she has perfected her suck skills to the point where she can get a pint of baby batter in her mouth in a matter of seconds… but don’t worry because she also knows how to take her time and make squirm with patience during her cock worship routine.

This girl works every inch of shaft, gives that ball sack a heavy hum job, and tongue twirls the dick tip like her mouth was a swirly machine. When it comes to the taste of dick, there’s nothing she likes better than when it’s sauced with her own ass juice for some of the best A2M action. Adriana could easily be a high-fashion runway model if she chose, but this hottie prefers dicks running way up into her body, instead, and we salute her for that.


As a pornstar, Adriana is an impeccable professional and a woman as sure of herself as she is adventurous when trying new things. The enormous elasticity of all its holes has led him to be one of the biggest swallows in America, and already in his first gangbang he dared to execute the dreaded double anal. Shortly thereafter, her first triple anal and the almost impossible triple double would arrive in a single scene: double penetration, double vaginal and double anal, as well as triple vaginal and triple anal. A very defining madness of his career in porn.

There’s a difference between a pornstar that you fantasize about jizzing all over and a pornstar that you could actually see yourself falling in love with. Every once in a while, there comes a rare breed of professional cock handler that you not only worship with every muscle of your horny body, but could totally picture yourself with. Adriana Chechik is one of those girls that might actually make you girlfriend worried, because she has a tendency to get men completely obsessed with her in every way. It’s easy to see why – she’s a jaw dropping sex-bomb who executes the type of stunts that you wish you girlfriend could.

Adriana origins

Like many others, Adriana started out in the business by stripping, before getting into some girl-on-girl action. As soon as she got comfortable, Adriana unleashed her true inner-freak, which resulted in some of the most incredible A2M and double-anal scenes to hit our screens in recent years. These days, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what Adriana might do in one of her videos. She might be with a girl and some toys, or a couple of girls and some boys, and she might take it in only one, or in all three holes. At the end of the day, you’re guaranteed to blow your load before the video has a chance to fully load, and we’ve got all the goods, right here on Lesbian Plus.