Carter Cruise was born on April the 24th, 1991. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but she was raised in North Carolina. She claims her childhood was pretty normal. Her parents were open-minded and supportive. If they weren’t, we probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful adult performer. At some points of her life she has worked as a lifeguard and Hooters girl. In 2009 Carter enrolled at ECU (East Carolina University). After 4 and a half years she was close to graduating, but then she decided to leave psychology studies, and she moved on to pursue her porn career.

Porn Career

She entered the business in August 2013, and her obvious natural talent led her to working with huge companies like Reality Kings, Naughty America, Team Skeet and Mofos almost instantly. She says she loves getting in front of camera and just having great sex. I guess that was noted by both audience and critics because in a very short period of time dozens of nominations came knocking at her door.

After Jenna Jameson, who was the first adult performer to win Best Actress and Best New Starlet AVN Awards in the same year (1996), 19 years later Carter was the first one who managed to repeat Jenna’s success (in 2015). That’s how she became the second girl ever to win these two prestigious awards in the same year. Besides 9 times she actually was the winner, she also had 30 nominations for AVN, XBIZ, XRCO and NightMoves awards.

Personal life

Personally, Carter Cruise loves writing poetry, snowboarding and skiing. She would like to pursue her career as a DJ and producer. Judging by the success of her first song DUNNIT (that was released in mid 2015 and already has over half of million views on Youtube), she will have a bright future in this industry, as well. Let’s just hope she won’t quit porn for it. Her personal sexual preferences include both men and women. She says she has experimented with her female roommate back in college, but since they were both inexperienced, they didn’t go all the way. Her first girl/girl sex happened in front of camera, and she says she loves it, but still prefers men though.

Carter Cruise is a sweet blonde who looks like she could live next door to you – like that local girl you’ve been lusting after. Carter left her North Carolina college in 2013 at age 22 when she discovered that she could join the porn industry. She had attended four and a half years of college but didn’t finish because she knew that she didn’t need that piece of paper to be successful. She got into porn because she long felt like a natural entertainer.

Pornstars Magazine

She read magazine articles about pornstars and watched a documentary, but she didn’t know if she could really do it because she was very modest. Then she ended up meeting a guy who was very knowledgeable about the biz; he helped her get into it and the rest is history. Carter is lucky that her family is supportive of her career; they even wanted to accompany her to the AVN awards.

At first it was difficult for them to swallow, but eventually they realized that Carter is happy and healthy, and nothing else matters. Carter does a lot of anal sex scenes and she loves it. Upon entering the biz, she thought working with older guys was a tad weird, but now she thinks it’s cool because they really know their way around a pussy!

Carter is a 5-foot-4-inch-tall beauty who weighs 125 pounds. She has 36C tits, a 27-inch waist and a 35-inch ass, so she’s curvaceous in all the right ways. She’s got an all-natural body that’ll make you dream of fucking her. To facilitate that dream, watch her pornos here for free!

Carter Pussy

Carter Cruise is a sexy blonde who started doing porn as a college brotherhood in 2013 at the age of 22. She is from the south, Atlanta, Georgia, to be exact. Carter is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a cute figure with 36C-27-35 measures, which weighs 125 pounds. Carter is a bit wild, and has many tattoos, in addition to his belly button, pierced nipples and tongue.

She began as a brotherhood of women. In an interview, he said he joined a brotherhood in his university because he loved the idea of ​​girls supporting each other, and he also liked the history of the brotherhood tradition. In fact, Carter wishes that she was more effectively confused as part of her initiation to the brotherhood of women according to an online interview, because she thought it was really exciting that the girls and friends of the house sent her, but she was disappointed when she He learned that hazing was prohibited in his university.

Spicy Carter

The only thing Carter didn’t like about being in a brotherhood of women was all the drama and the complaints. Nor did he realize how expensive it could be. At first, Carter had a boyfriend and was a great student, but after he broke up with her boyfriend.

Premium Sex

Her first concert that took her to her career in pornography was a brotherhood event in which the girls wore bikinis and drove in golf carts. Carter was modest and wore a cover, but when a boy offered her $ 25 to take off her blouse, she obeyed and still looks at that moment as a turning point in her career. Mrs. Cruise found the idea of ​​getting money simply by removing the top quite stimulating. Later that day, the nipples were pierced in case the opportunity arose again.

The other thing that led Carter to do porn was that she was very interested in female sexuality, so she ended up reading a lot about it and studying the operation of the porn industry as part of her main curriculum. Add the fact that Carter had long fantasized about becoming a conventional actor or a reality celebrity one day, and the runway to the porn takeoff was definitely well lit for her before making the decision to do so. At first, Carter Cruise appeared in some erotic photo sessions and he loved the attention. After that erotic incursion, he decided it was time to enter with both feet or get away once and for all. Fortunately, his decision was to do it all!

Porn agency

The next day he searched online and found an agency that booked his first two scenes. Once he began to receive the payment, and saw all those dollar signs when the checks arrived, he knew that he had made the right decision when doing porn and dropped out of college to pursue his full-time xxx career. Now Carter is an experienced porn babe. She loves being in the industry because she can explore her sexuality and you can see her on XXXXXXXX.COM in a lot of fetish, anal or lesbian sex scenes, in addition to the hardcore shots of most of the girls.

Premium Porn Star

Carter has come a long way since his first scene getting comfortable in front of the cameras. He allegedly did not eat all day and told an interviewer that he was shaking physically when his first scene began. Partly because it was his first time at the movies, but even more so because he had never seen such a big cock before. Ten minutes after making the scene, she left the set to regroup, but then returned and gave everything. Now she is respected as a professional porn star that is desired by all major studios and co-stars for her approach to almost all types of erotic entertainment.

Carter’s parents know what she does and are surprisingly accepting, which because in an article, Mrs. Cruise stated that they are conservative Christians living in the south and never expected her to make these decisions. However, they have apparently changed with the times. According to reports, her father is happy that she is independent and feels strengthened by her career.

Slutty Girl

For anyone interested in dating Carter Cruise, you should know that he loves intelligent men who are dedicated and passionate about their careers. She likes it when a boy is fit and cares about his body. His celebrity crush is actually Christian Bale according to an interview, although he doesn’t really have much sex life outside of porn because he is very busy with his career and travels often. Also, since she gets fucked so often at work, she doesn’t feel like having sex outside of work. In addition, he lamented in an interview that some guys just can’t stand dating a sexy girl who is a porn star.

If you see Carter on the street, she has said that her favorite thing is a guy who knows how to trust without being arrogant. So, be polite and bring your game A!

In addition to porn, Carter is also trying to become a DJ and in 2015 he released his first mixed tape. She also has aspirations of being a writer, actress and fashionista, according to an article. One of Carter’s characteristic looks comes from the fact that she keeps a well trimmed but very hairy pussy. In an interview, he said that the reason for this is because he works hard and shaving every day leaves her with a razor, which is not a good aspect when the cameras start to roll. Then, Carter wanted to help bring Bush back, and she did!

Lesbian Scenes

Carter is also a personal friend of college porn star Belle Knox. At first, Carter was jealous of all the fame and attention Belle was receiving, but her father helped her regain consciousness. Then Carter approached Belle because she could understand something Belle was dealing with during the violent reaction, since her own career spread like a forest fire across the campus after she started doing porn too.

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Porn Industry

Carter Cruise admits without thinking that since entering the porn industry he has eliminated so many inhibitions and complexes and has felt so comfortable with his body that, he says, he is already another person. As if Clark Kent threw his glasses and his suit as a normal person in the trash: now Carter is one of those pornstars who live their profession full time and who has seen in this trade more than a vocation: a home.

To establish itself in record time, Carter has opted for the most absolute versatility: since his debut in summer 2013 he has dedicated himself to touring the entire spectrum, from extreme gangbangs full of slaps and double penetrations to scenes that required interpretive talent, with dialogues around emotional issues and moments of high dramatic load. Intensity and commitment are his second and third virtue as a pornstar: the first is a spectacular ass that guarantees a bright future.

Best Carter Cruise porn videos

On her Twitter page, she calls herself “”your girlfriend’s favorite pornstar,” but Carter Cruise is just helping your relationship up its kink factor. The truth is, guys and gals will both get seriously down with Carter’s nasty hankering to slurp up some vag and gargle on some dick. She’s one cute hipster chick who can rock her style sans makeup and show those other over-glammed-up porn models what a real cool chick should look like.

You could stare at Carter’s sweet baby face and strawberry-blonde hair over a third wave coffee all afternoon, or at least until your balls begin to burst and it’s time to take her out back and release your cum on that pretty face. She’s got a gorgeous pair of all-natural tits that look good, feel great and flop like a pair that just don’t care. Her body is nice and firm, without being too bony, so you could hump away with all your might against that flesh pod.

This Atlanta, Georgia girl is still pretty new to the game but is already signing deals and spreading her fuck zones open at record rates. There’s no style of fucking or genre of smut that she hasn’t eagerly gotten into. This girl goes full lesbian and knows all the tongue tricks to pussy-please. She’s a blowjob aficionado who can either take it all on the face or swallow it down in one gulp. Most importantly, she’s doing plenty of anal, with tons of ass-to-mouth action, too. Yup, Carter is one starlet ready to brighten up our dark and perverted minds.